Solar 2014 – astrology predictions by Lucille Valentine


Sun in Taurus 20 April 2014 to 21 May 2014


In May the indecisiveness that returns to slow your every movement is given some reward when something or someone deeply valued drops into your life – just because you were there. For a while I recommend scaling back on the hours that you spend on what you feel you have to do. Nourish everything and everyone that which feels like home. Spend time being in the same space as your friends and if anyone wants you to make a decision, say no. Give over the expectation of control and play at "follow the other leader". 

The Importance of Meditation


Meditation is helpful for the body, it stills anxiety, and is generally beneficial. This is scientifically proven. So there are many reasons to meditate. There is no doubt that it can help stress, depression, and anxiety. It is helpful for the emotional problems of daily life, and when things go wrong it opens the heart and makes you more aware. When awareness rises, so does wisdom, and the wisdom that rises from meditation is very powerful.

Wake Up Earthlings – Save Your Planet


In today’s society, there are numerous environmental concerns; so many that one doesn’t know how we will ever overcome them. Climate change, over population, fuel emissions, nuclear waste, oil spills, pollution, overflowing landfills, toxic waste, debris in the oceans, chemicals and pesticides – an environment that thru man’s actions has changed a once harmonic natural habitat into one where our own existence is threatened.

The Lonesome Road


I’ve never been one to have a wake-up ritual, but lately there seems to be one forming. When I come into awareness that I’m awake, gratitude comes in first. I’ve been saying a thank you prayer, to myself and All that Is… every day, however it unfolds, this is life and it’s wonderful to be here.

Something else has ‘come in’ lately too: a correction. Life is not a school, or a testing place, or even an evolutionary journey for oneself. Being born into Life is not as self-serving as we may have viewed it. There is something greater, sacred and holy. Life is Grace… an opportunity TO serve. The realization is humbling in the extreme.

What is Chi?


Many, many, sages, scholars, researchers and laymen have attempted to answer the perplexing question of – What is Chi?

The simplistic answer most often used is that Chi is “vital energy” or Chi is the “life force”, but this answer falls well short of addressing the apparent complexity of Chi.

Referring to Chi as just vital energy would be like me saying that I am Rod Morin. A name is just a label. A name does not address the millions of intricacies that combine to make me, who and what I am.

This is the Kali Yuga


The Sanskrit word Kali, which denotes the fourth cycle of time, the Kali Yuga, has no connection with the goddess Kali [kAlI]. These two words are ‘spelled’ meaning written quite differently in the Devanagari and therefore should not be confused. The Kali Yuga refers to the apocalyptic demon Kali implying discord, strife, quarrel, and contention.

Vacuum Energy: Proof of Free Energy in the Space All Around Us


Everything in the entire universe, everything that you and I perceive to be solid matter, is actually not matter at all. All the space around us is pure energy which we will call vacuum energy. Not only that, but this vacuum energy is infinitely dense.

Vedanta – The Science of Self Discovery


At the heart of Hinduism is a spiritual and philosophical framework known as Vedanta. To understand the distinction between the two, it’s important to understand the origin of the word Hindu. When the first explorers from Persia traveled to India (then known as Bharat), they came across the Indus valley region of the country and called the indigenous people there Hindus. The meaning of Hinduism then went on to connote the entire set of traditions, rituals, practices, cultures, rites and so forth for an extraordinarily complex society and lifestyle.

10 Questions About the Pineal Gland That Add to the Mystery of Spirituality


The pine cone shaped, pea-sized pineal gland, located in the center of the human brain, is an organ of tremendous interest these days. To many spiritual seekers it is the ‘seat of the soul‘ and the ‘third eye,’ the anatomical part of the human body that acts as our spiritual antennae, connecting us to the non-physical, spiritual planes of existence. However, to many scientists and rigid materialist thinkers, it is strictly an endocrine gland responsible for the secretion of the hormone melatonin, a substance which, among other things, aids in the regulation of our circadian rhythms.

Health & Longevity Secrets From Around The World


There are many places around the world where people live longer and know how to be happier than the rest of us. Instead of depriving yourself, researchers say it’s better to look at cultures and regions around the world where diets are not just healthy, but also have highly protective qualities against scourges like cancer, depression, diabetes and heart disease. There are time-tested lifestyles that promise to protect us from a wide range of diseases. The key is knowing why they work and how to adopt them yourself.

The Meaning of Peace in the Bhagavad Gita


The superb Sanskrit text, The Bhagavad Gita, is an amazing guide and in my view the ultimate ‘user’s manual’ for the human adventure. This ancient text is a dialogue between two mighty warrior heroes: Krishna and Arjuna. Krishna represents the God within us all, who is always waiting patiently to guide us – if we can listen. Arjuna is the greatest warrior of the time and Krishna is his charioteer, his guide in the battle of life. He will steer Arjuna through, if Arjuna hears and understands.

How to Purify Water With Seeds from the Moringa Tree


A whopping 780 million people around the world can’t take a clean, pure glass of water to their lips to quench their thirst. Purifying water can be expensive and cumbersome in many countries, and without access to clean water or sanitation, disease runs rampant, and many people die unnecessarily from water-borne illness. Fortunately, due to the collaboration of the University of Botswana and researchers from Uppsala University, a natural and inexpensive way to purify water has been uncovered - Moringa oleifera.

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